Consultora Portas S.A. was created in 1967 as a Customs Services firm, fulfilling the dream of Alberto Laureano Portas, its founder.

Since then, excellence, quality and commitment are the values ​​that guide all of our work.

In 1999 we began to be a Foreign Trade Consultant with a great differential value. We have an interdisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience in this activity.

We have been dedicated to providing effective and tailored solutions for over 50 years. Our way of working has built trust among renowned national and international companies.

Our philosophy


We are aware of our clients’ needs and work constantly with them to achieve their objectives.


We establish a personalized bond with our clients, based on commitment and professionalism.


We prioritize our clients’ interests and anticipate needs using our own design methodologies for such purposes.

High-quality service

Our focus is on constantly growing and improving, both in the conception of work circuits and in their implementation.


Keeping and safeguarding of the official customs documentation.

Internal customs operations and correspondents.

Presentations for public bodies and private agencies related with foreign trade.

Design of administrative and logistical circuits related to foreign trade.

Training of executives and employees of our clients in the area of foreign trade.

Newsletters to clients with the latest news and information related to foreign trade.

Statistical reports by client and reports related to foreign trade.

Specialised softwares for transaction inquiries.

Hiring of national and international freightages.

Consulting services and contracting of insurance for goods.

Consulting services and guidance related to foreign trade negotiations. Export and import operations. Customs clearance. 

We have our own design system for administration and monitoring of customs operations.

We have developed an internal quality manual with procedures and operating instructions that perfectly detail our philosophy and work procedures.

We have a supplier evaluation system carried out by trained auditors.

In-house software development oriented to provide innovative solutions in the area of foreign trade and logistics.


Certification of our quality management system.

We reaffirm our commitment towards customer service and international quality standards.

We are proud to inform you that at PORTAS we have once again certified our foreign trade management system under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In 1998 we were the first company in the world to receive the ISO 9002:1994 certification in management and assistance of import and export customs operations. Today we continue to ratify our ability to provide excellent services in the same way.

We stand convinced of the importance of always maintaining the commitment towards the quality management system and continuous improvement. Year after year we continue to offer a customer-oriented value-added service, and thanks to the work of our entire team we have achieved the certification one more time.

Thank you for choosing our firm and continuing to place your trust in us.


Contribute to the success of our clients by implementing solutions that allow their growth, in order to improve their internal functioning, their profitability and adding value; achieving their full satisfaction over time and representing a competitive advantage for them in the area of Foreign Trade.


The participation and interaction with the client from all members of the company at different levels, is essential to achieve the success of a project and that it is maintained over time. To this end, we constantly stimulate collaborative work both within our company and with the client, thus strengthening the sense of commitment to achieve the objective.


Total Quality
Based on a QMS according to ISO 9001: 2015

Ethics, transparency, anti- corruption, employee confidentiality, traceability.

Human Resources
Human quality, professionalism, commitment, teamwork, skills development, communication.

Information Technology
Systems development, integration with the client, Web platform in continuous improvement, mobile App, Servers that guarantee the availability of services.

Quality Policy

Achieve continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system to improve performance, based on the standardization of our processes.

Comply with legal, regulatory, and other customer requirements to which the organization subscribes, satisfying their needs and expectations, and fostering long- term relationships.

Offer differentiating solutions to our clients, based on available technology, to be the suppliers chosen as the first option against the competition.

Promote the participation of staff and teamwork, increasing their skills through training and education, and favoring internal promotion.

Efficiently use available resources, increasing productivity and the ability to compete.

The Management commits to provide the necessary resources to fulfill the established Mission, achieve the Vision presented and achieve the objectives associated with the Quality Policy.

This Quality Policy is available to the relevant interested parties, and is periodically reviewed to ensure its continuous adaptation.